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Thoughts on mental health and the importance of self help sites

Published by Agricola in the blog Agricola's blog. Views: 52

  1. I think that nationally the mental health services are under massive strain and there are just not the resources to deal with it, I know that if i had someone to come round just once per week for half an hour to chat, that would sort out about 70 percent of my issues just doing that. but there are not even the resources to do that, instead people are filled with medication and left to their own devices often suffering in isolation with little to no help or support. Hence the growth of self help sites. People need someone to talk too, people who they know will listen and hopefully care. Facebook is the biggest area i have seen for these sites, as it is a familiar format that people already know and it is easy just to put stuff out there and wait for a reply. Websites like this one are a bit more specialised and are generally more tightly moderated if they have a chat room. than facebook. What i like about this site is that there are always people willing to chat with me if i want to in a more intimate manner than a facebook post, and also the site has a massive resource section that is constantly updated and i know people read the materials, and the blog function for me particularly is a form of personal therapy that has enabled me to examine my thoughts in a medium that i really feel comfortable with. I'm much better at writing than i am in conversation and when I write i find that my thoughts become clearer than if i tried to just talk them out verbally.
  2. The growth of self help sites in my opinion is a reaction to the failure of the traditional health services due to chronic underfunding and terrible staff morale. People are forced more and more to look elsewhere for support and help, and the internet is becoming that go to place for people looking for help. The internet puts you in contact with a vast array of resources and in theory millions of people to whom you can reach out too. On a personal level ive found being a moderator on the site has been a massivley positive step and has helped me to come to terms with my own mental health in a fresh and invigorating way. Meeting people like Kerrie ,Lee and Shelly has greatly enhanced my own understanding of my own and other peoples mental health and issues that people are dealing with every day. Being able to help others and in turn be helped by others has proven to be for me a lifesaving formulae and the benefits have been noticed and witnessed at my work place, on the ambulance now im the go to person for mental health and I have this site to thank for that as over the last 2 years ive developed and come to understand the subject of mental health in a way that goes beyond my Ambulance training, and has helped me to relate better to patients and those who are in crisis than I could before finding the site.
  3. SO are mental health sites a legitimate part of recovery? in my opinion I would say yes, they are filling the gaps in a failing mental health service in the uk and are a response to the total lack of patient care exhibited by the current Governments policies. Self help sites are vital to peoples ongoing battle with mental health and rather than just being a passing fad they are in my opinion here to stay. All the best and do let me know what you think, yours hopefully Agricola.
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