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  1. Lee
    I am back, wahoo.
  2. Lee
    Lee Pandora
    Hi Pandora, welcome to our forums at help minds heal. How are you today? Let me know if you need anything.
  3. Agricola
    Agricola Pandora
    Welcome Pandora I hope that you enjoy your visits
  4. Lee
    Lee Calliekat
    Welcome to the forums, @Calliekat - Let me know if you need any help. Hope you settle in ok :)
  5. Lee
    Anyone around?
  6. Lee
    Lee HayleyB3AR
    Hi @HayleyB3AR - Welcome to help minds heal. Let me know if you need anything. Hope you settle in well :)
  7. Lee
    Lee Alexis Weeks
    Hi Alexis welcome to help minds heal, let me know if you need help settling in :)
  8. Lee
    Lee Ronelle
    Hi, @Ronelle - welcome to help minds heal. Let me know if you need any help settling in.
  9. Lee
    Lee Pixxie-lea
  10. Lee
    if I have to tell the kids outside about kicking their ball at my door one more time I'm taking it off them haha
  11. Lee
    how are you guys?
  12. Lee
  13. Lee
  14. Lee
  15. Lee
    So tired recently, can't seem to find any energy!
    1. Shelly
      Oh dear, Lee.. I have been the same.. Hope you feel more energetic soon..We all need a recharge..
      Apr 5, 2017
  16. Lee
    Thank god it is the weekend
  17. Lee
    One of those weeks!
  18. Agricola
    Agricola Lee
    glad its back up buddy
    1. 1 person likes this.
  19. Lee
    Glad the website is back online and sorted out, was feeling anxious about it
  20. Lee
    1. shygirl
      Why sob?
      Dec 15, 2016
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