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Thank God its All over

Published by Agricola in the blog Agricola's blog. Views: 22

Well, its 00.03 the day after my ambulance exams. and I've had a few drinks with a search and rescue buddy. The exams where the most stressful experience I've had in a few years and I'm glad its all over. I find dealing with real casualties on the ambulance less stressful, however I passed thankfully, but 1 of the four candidates failed so that was quite sad. Trouble is if you fail you then lose your certification in the module that you failed in , so you can arrive being a highly trained ambulance crew and then after failing the exam you can end up having no qualifications and lose your ambulance status and enhanced status and end up being no higher than a basic first aider its quite harsh. It was such a worry to me i was strong armed into taking the exam but I'm glad that my trainers had clearer view of my abilities than i thought i had, otherwise i would have put it off till next year. This means that I'm clinical lead again and will be in that role this weekend. we have several races here over the weekend and i will be covering them. I do enjoy my role in the ambulance and as a trainer and I'm glad that i can carry on in that role.
My back is healing nicely although I'm avoiding lifting stuff, I'm so glad that there wasn't any lifting to do in the exams this time . i think i have been very fortunate in that and i think that there is definitely someone in the heavenlies looking out for me,
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